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In this post, I will express my consciousness when receiving comments from other bloggers friends on this article 'who has a link to our blog'
the comments from  friends Ndang Sulaeman the blog owner 'Bolehngeblog'
Which gives excellent suggestions for my activities bloging next.
and useful to build my own blog authority later.

My consciousness becomes larger after I
get a shipment email from a blog that I follow
latest articles from 'Blogguebo'
whose contents are also associated with
Ndang Sulaeman comments.
Even in the article 'Blogguebo'
the mentioned ways simple ways
establish the authority of a blog.
From both these moments ,I could draw conclusion:
what I do on this blog in terms of writing articles
is not something that supports
for the creation of this blog authority.

'An information submitted but not sourced
from personal experience or that we have

done not something that can be a reference for others'.

How the opinion of friends?
I am a beginner in the world of bloging,
certainly need more references and suggestions
from other blogger friends ...


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