Influencing others

Imagine a water source that provides plenty of water for anyone who needs it,
like that parable 'The catalyst type'
Someone who's been using 'the catalyst type' is easier and
quickly create an interest others to him to his ability
understanding and sympathetic to the people. versatility to build mutual trust,
supporting ideas, feelings or plans of others.
Someone who's been using 'the catalyst type' is a good listener,
pay attention and encourage others to spend their ideas
This style of approach by itself will influence attract others subtly
Someone who's been using 'the catalyst type' is greatly appreciate the relationship with the environment.
jokes and small talk is needed to strengthen relationships in work
And it can help to deliver him into the history of the business.
Personal and business relationships for him can not be separated.
In a team, he can work well. Believing in the power of joint efforts together and loved the honesty
Rarely a person who has the attitude 'the catalyst type' consider themselves to have influence
but its role as a catalyst often give more influence than the views of people

The question :

Can we be so ..?
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The strength of a Planning

First chapter of the 13th chapter of Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy.
Does this Sun Tzu concept can be applied in modern business?
Unequivocal answer: Yes! There's a saying which reads Che Chi Chie Bie, Pai Pai Chan Mon
That is, we must know the strengths and weaknesses of yourself.
Simultaneously, we must know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.

Sun Tzu asserted, war is a very fundamental problem for a country.
War is life or death of the people. War, shows the courage or the fragility of the state leaders.
War, also determines the triumph or failure of a country.
So, before deciding the war, the power of the state and the battlefield situation to be studied with great care,
very thorough, accurate, and thorough.

Once the importance of a plan, so that Sun Tzu put the plan in the first chapter of his work was.
The original title is She bien chi, which can be interpreted Chapter Structuring Plan. Sun Tzu says,
at least there are five factors that must be mastered as a base in the war plan.
Ie; Tao, Thien, Tie, Ciang, and Fak. What does that mean?

1. Tao, the moral factor. If state leaders have the moral support of the people,
then people must be ready to fight and be willing to sacrifice.
2. Thien, sky factor. Regarding the weather, season, bright-dark, opportunities, and timing.
3. Tie, the factor of geography, distance, and the battlefield.
4. Ciang, the leadership factor. Concerning the authority and charisma of a wise and decisive leader.
5. Fak, legal factors, discipline, and organizational structure of a clean and solid.

If the five factors are controlled, plus consideration of other supporting factors,
State leaders will be able to put together a war plan and strategy is very effective and efficient

Sun Tzu stated: Whoever is able to plan very carefully, accurate, and detail,
he will win the war! Instead, whoever reckless and unfocused in the planning, he won the war impossible.

So, from how to craft a plan, we can already predict, we will achieve victory,
or be defeated by your opponent! In 2400 years ago, Sun Tzu's got the mindset and the power of a strategic analysis. Marvelous!
Sun Tzu warned, could direngkuh victory through thorough planning strategies.
Never act in reckless or negligent on this most basic stage.

Conduct investigations, collect data or information complete, accurate, detailed, thorough, and a high level of precision.
Then, with a sharp analysis of various factors in the field. The result,
war strategy is not only effective but also more efficient.

In the world of marketing, Sun Tzu's art of war animates the modern concept of SWOT analysis.
SWOT analysis has proved its reliability by the marketers.
Example: we want to launch a new product. Previously, there must be a market potential analysis and the strength of the competition.
Both the established and new will jump in the cauldron of competition.
Analysis from the manufacturer, quality, price, brand image, segmentation, Human Resources, and other variables.
The goal that the strategy focused, accurate, timely, and effectively seize opportunities and achieve optimal success
Conversely, if careless, incomplete data, inaccurate information, the analysis will be of low precision.
Unfocused marketing strategy. As a result, execution of strategy is not maximal. Throwing a lot of energy.
Hit the barrier walls. Finally, the strategy failed miserably.

This situation is exactly as confirmed in the advanced concept of Sun Tzu: Puk Che Chi Pu Che Bie Pai Chan Pik Pai.
That is, do not recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. Not familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.
So, 100 times 100 times fight will be defeated!
none of the successfully launched products without planning and marketing strategy to mature.
So in order to win the competition and survive, use the power of Sun Tzu's war strategy.

Have a positive day!

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Enthusiasm is one of the secrets of success

Enthusiasm According to Webster's dictionary means a strong desire
for one reason or the subject
Enthusiastic attitude is a common requirement for someone who wants success in life
As where the words of the wise
'someone may just have a goal, desire or plan well and immediately executed,
but if in practice without any enthusiasm in it then
it will not be much benefit'

If at the time an action is not accompanied by enthusiastic attitude,
then it can be assured that action will not provide results in accordance with the wishes
it would be beyond hope, because the achievement of someone who wants something
will be directly proportional to how much enthusiasm that is owned in action

Actually in the amount of enthusiasm we have potentially an unlimited and free to use as much as possible
if all the power of enthusiasm that can we use, it must have been waiting for our success
should we think about 'Enthusiasm can be contagious like a virus'
so that the enthusiasm that we remove will give a positive value also for others around us
sign is easily recognizable and would look out our side is an energetic attitude,
alert and active in every activity in everyday situations

thus, let us start the day day ahead with great enthusiasm in achieving the goals that we want

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In this post, I will express my consciousness when receiving comments from other bloggers friends on this article 'who has a link to our blog'
the comments from  friends Ndang Sulaeman the blog owner 'Bolehngeblog'
Which gives excellent suggestions for my activities bloging next.
and useful to build my own blog authority later.

My consciousness becomes larger after I
get a shipment email from a blog that I follow
latest articles from 'Blogguebo'
whose contents are also associated with
Ndang Sulaeman comments.
Even in the article 'Blogguebo'
the mentioned ways simple ways
establish the authority of a blog.
From both these moments ,I could draw conclusion:
what I do on this blog in terms of writing articles
is not something that supports
for the creation of this blog authority.

'An information submitted but not sourced
from personal experience or that we have

done not something that can be a reference for others'.

How the opinion of friends?
I am a beginner in the world of bloging,
certainly need more references and suggestions
from other blogger friends ...

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How the activities bloging become a hobby that can earn money

MayuhazaDotComHow the activities bloging become a hobby that can earn money

Earn money from activities that are
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for people who are hobby blogging,
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There is no secret recipe to learn to communicate well,
but there are some basic concepts that can easily be mastered:
1. Make communications a priority
2. Being open to others
3. Create an environment that supports communication
How busy during the weekdays,
we must take the time to communicate.
All brilliant ideas in this world has no value if not addressed.
The biggest mistake made by someone is they fail to understand
that it is a two-way communication.
we need to share ideas with others
and be willing to listen to their ideas. (Be open.)
We must be willing to pay attention to others
if we want to note those as well.
Embrace intervention Easy interaction does not just happen.
And this is where the concept began to play No. 3:
Create an environment that support communication.
Basic Facts in communicating with people is
they do not want to say what they think and do not
listen with an open heart of what's to say.
Except there is a real foundation of mutual trust
and mutual interest indeed.Things we need to remember:
Once a person is taking a risk by saying what they think,
do not we punish the openness of it,
absolutely do not do something that makes them chary..
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Recognizing the site's visitors

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 Recognizing the site's visitors

Visitors to the site / blog where he can be categorized according
to up to a site / blog.

The First was the visitors who are most difficult to get, why is it difficult?
This visitor did not come from outer space planet
or not detected by machine tracker visitors.
But these visitors are coming from search engines
would have been difficult to get visitors like this because
of course we understand that a person who rarely
umpteenth yard looking for something from the search page.
A website / blog should win the competition for that keyword
These visitors are looking to be in the position of the first page
thus likely to find greater.

The Second is that we have referred visitors
he already knows exactly address your website / blog
and there is no difficulty for him to come

The Third is the visitors who came from your site / blog
friend of a friend who put our link or our public site
follow the example: 

The Fourth is the most favored visitor owner website / blog
Because of this Counter usually come and go click the ads
hopefully that kind of visitors who stop by here all the way
hahaha ...

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Who has a link to Our Blog

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With this post, I hope there are friends
interested in link exchange, 

although the conditions of this blog has not been
able to provide something different for your friends.
In a sense Exchange links as a sign of friendship.
Unfortunately, until now no one has put a link
to this blog.

Information just for their friends,
Almost 99% were applied in a way this blog
follow the tutorial that explained a kang Rohman
Column tutorial on his blog.
Post time is also quoted from the blog kang Rohman
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Alexa rank part 3

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Earn money, extra income using your website or blog
was greatly influenced by the Alexa ratings (other than Google Page Rank)
because the Alexa ranking is a symbol of trust and professionalism
of a website or blog in the eyes of customers. Sure is a natural thing
when the owner of the site or a blog want a good Alexa Rank.
High Alexa rank the more value a site or blog, It can be
Note that a site or blog gets traffic requests
more than the sites / other blogs.
But whether the site / personal blog also want a good Alexa rank?
maybe yes and could not.
why? no comment.

Apart from anything else, will be a certain satisfaction when
site / blog visited by many visitors.
a sign that as the owner, can provide 'something' on its visitors.
and from where to get the satisfaction that if we do not know
Whether or not many visitors your site / blog?
this is where the role of Alexa ranking. Because the records Alexa calculations.

Can alexa rank tricked or manipulated?
is there any instant ways to increase Alexa rank?
no comment, because this blog is new and has not been able to Alexa ranking.

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Two days have elapsed until these posts are made
Google ads have not appeared.
It is approved or not ads here still be questions,
space for advertisement still running social advertising community.
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latest info from Google's uncle:
'Waiting for approval' hmmm ...

BTW .. Waiting for the presence of google ads on this blog
there is no harm in continuing to add posts archive storage.

Topic: Google Adsense

Deliberately chose this topic so glad uncle's Google
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