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Make money,Additional revenue,income,earn money how to do ?

Many people live their lives without having the direction of the goal.
Only played a role, and guess what's done later,
then if things do not happen according to expectations Fate or luck is the reason for failure.

One of the things that we have to remember:
'there will be no way to get money without going through work or business.'

Most of us realized the direction or goal after a young age that no longer
and did not dare to make changes just waiting for the coming changes
until the end goal is not achieved.
Does not matter if we change the purpose of life a few times,
Important fact every time we have a life goal to be achieved.
So at least we know where we are heading and what strategies should be applied.
Some things we can employ to determine the life goals:

First, conscience asks us what we really desire the next few year,
there is no harm in us dreaming.while not cost

second,search and collect information.
with information and direction that the road will open wider.
if there are already other people who do that and succeed,learn from them and do it better.

Third, we must not only silent.Do something, whatever it is, to achieve our dreams.

Fourth, increase our ability.If there is any thing we do is effective,
it would be nice if we increase their performance,in order to achieve our goals more quickly

The fourth thing we can do it if continuously without fatigue and boredom, surely will  get our goals.
We are like a driver, a good driver will plan in advance where the direction


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