Alexa rank part 2

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 How  a role Alexa rank for a website or blog

As is known, the Alexa Rank has become an important element
in the site or blog monetization strategy.
In the world of advertising (your site or blog publisher)
Alexa rank is considered important in the eyes of potential advertisers.
Caused Alexa rank of a site or blog will give an illustration
number of visitors to your site or blog.
From the number of visitors ads publishers
can specify targets to be achieved from an ad that will be installed.
then the Alexa rank is something that must be strived
site or blog as much as possible in order to increase its rank
when sites or blogs that want to get more value
viewed from the side of the ad publisher and
of course this will be striving to income earned by
the owners of sites or blogs from the ad side.
In conclusion:
Alexa ranking is important that views the advertiser.
A blog site or get income from advertisers.
(Ads Click by visitors)make money earn money
This means that Alexa Ranking = making money.
This is only my assumption it's up to you...
If objections please write a comment...
Alexa Ranking Can tricked or manipulated?
We discussed again at the next post ..make money earn money


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