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Two days have elapsed until these posts are made
Google ads have not appeared.
It is approved or not ads here still be questions,
space for advertisement still running social advertising community.
(do not get the money even though the smell of visitors)
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latest info from Google's uncle:
'Waiting for approval' hmmm ...

BTW .. Waiting for the presence of google ads on this blog
there is no harm in continuing to add posts archive storage.

Topic: Google Adsense

Deliberately chose this topic so glad uncle's Google
and agrees to serve ads on this blog ..
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As is known with Google adsense
part of the uncle's service for advertisers and Google
publisher's ads. Third is the same as getting results.
three? three-part course :
2.Publisher and
3.Google Uncle's (people's most lots can result)
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visitors will also get the results / benefits of information information
they need / want information about this product to other small things.

This drink first: make money,earn money,adsense

Enough for now
For more details, please visit the site uncle Google Adsense


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