Recognizing the site's visitors

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 Recognizing the site's visitors

Visitors to the site / blog where he can be categorized according

to up to a site / blog.

The First was the visitors who are most difficult to get, why is it difficult?
This visitor did not come from outer space planet
or not detected by machine tracker visitors.
But these visitors are coming from search engines
would have been difficult to get visitors like this because
of course we understand that a person who rarely
umpteenth yard looking for something from the search page.
A website / blog should win the competition for that keyword
These visitors are looking to be in the position of the first page
thus likely to find greater.

The Second is that we have referred visitors
he already knows exactly address your website / blog
and there is no difficulty for him to come

The Third is the visitors who came from your site / blog
friend of a friend who put our link or our public site
follow the example: 

The Fourth is the most favored visitor owner website / blog
Because of this Counter usually come and go click the ads
hopefully that kind of visitors who stop by here all the way
hahaha ...


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