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With this post, I hope there are friends
interested in link exchange, 

although the conditions of this blog has not been
able to provide something different for your friends.
In a sense Exchange links as a sign of friendship.
Unfortunately, until now no one has put a link
to this blog.

Information just for their friends,
Almost 99% were applied in a way this blog
follow the tutorial that explained a kang Rohman
Column tutorial on his blog.
Post time is also quoted from the blog kang Rohman
which explains how to find out:
Who has a link to our blog.
An easy way, just friends to register their blogs to
By becoming a member of their site, a friend of a friend
later will find out who has put a link
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  1. Saya kira tulisan ini buatan sendiri, ternyata masih link ke blog yang lain...
    kalo boleh saran, mending belajar buat artikel sendiri aja mas/mbak...

    oh ya kunjungi artikel terbaru saya ya..

  2. he3..maklum mas masih pemula...


Thanks friends

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