Influencing others

Imagine a water source that provides plenty of water for anyone who needs it,
like that parable 'The catalyst type'
Someone who's been using 'the catalyst type' is easier and
quickly create an interest others to him to his ability
understanding and sympathetic to the people. versatility to build mutual trust,
supporting ideas, feelings or plans of others.

Someone who's been using 'the catalyst type' is a good listener,
pay attention and encourage others to spend their ideas
This style of approach by itself will influence attract others subtly
Someone who's been using 'the catalyst type' is greatly appreciate the relationship with the environment.
jokes and small talk is needed to strengthen relationships in work
And it can help to deliver him into the history of the business.
Personal and business relationships for him can not be separated.
In a team, he can work well. Believing in the power of joint efforts together and loved the honesty
Rarely a person who has the attitude 'the catalyst type' consider themselves to have influence
but its role as a catalyst often give more influence than the views of people

The question :

Can we be so ..?

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    mantap bung..............


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