Alexa rank part 3

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Earn money, extra income using your website or blog
was greatly influenced by the Alexa ratings (other than Google Page Rank)
because the Alexa ranking is a symbol of trust and professionalism
of a website or blog in the eyes of customers. Sure is a natural thing
when the owner of the site or a blog want a good Alexa Rank.
High Alexa rank the more value a site or blog, It can be
Note that a site or blog gets traffic requests
more than the sites / other blogs.
But whether the site / personal blog also want a good Alexa rank?
maybe yes and could not.
why? no comment.

Apart from anything else, will be a certain satisfaction when
site / blog visited by many visitors.
a sign that as the owner, can provide 'something' on its visitors.
and from where to get the satisfaction that if we do not know
Whether or not many visitors your site / blog?
this is where the role of Alexa ranking. Because the records Alexa calculations.

Can alexa rank tricked or manipulated?
is there any instant ways to increase Alexa rank?
no comment, because this blog is new and has not been able to Alexa ranking.

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